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our Facility

Step into our welcoming facility, thoughtfully designed to support pole vaulters of all levels with essential equipment and space to hone their skills and passion for the sport.

The vault Academy

Pole Vaulting at Wichita Vault Academy

Discover the thrill and excitement of pole vaulting at our dedicated facility, designed with your athletic journey in mind. Spanning 200 feet by 50 feet, our space includes a specialized rubberized workout area of 30’x30′ and a 120-foot pole vault runway that provides athletes with the ample room needed for a full approach and takeoff. Equipped with essential gear such as ropes, rings, mini hurdles, and a variety of poles, our facility caters to both newcomers to the sport and seasoned vaulters looking to refine their technique.

Training Equipment

Our pole vaulting training equipment is meticulously selected to enhance your learning experience. Whether you’re working on your swing and inversion or perfecting your plant and takeoff, our ropes, rings, and hurdles are at your disposal for a comprehensive training regimen. By offering a mix of fundamental tools and specialized equipment, we ensure that every vaulter has the resources to push their boundaries and pursue excellence.

Our Versatile Training Facility

Ready to step up your game? Wichita Vault Academy is your go-to destination for comprehensive athletic training. Whether you’re vaulting towards new records or hitting home runs, our facility is designed to support your growth and passion. With versatile areas for pole vaulting, baseball, and softball, plus rental options for diverse athletic needs, we invite you to come and experience a space where dedication meets development. Don’t wait—transform your talent with us today!

Full Indoor Training Facility

Baseball and Softball Training

Elevate your game with our versatile facility, where baseball and softball players can sharpen their skills year-round. Our space boasts two 55-foot and two 70-foot hitting tunnels, ideal for individual or team practices, ensuring you can swing for the fences even when the weather doesn’t cooperate. The facility’s design is conducive to both pitching and hitting practice, allowing players of all ages to improve their game in a focused and supportive environment.

General Facility Rental

Our facility isn’t just for pole vaulters and ballplayers; it’s a space where athletes from various disciplines can train. With options to rent the full turf, the workout area, or the hitting tunnels, we provide a flexible solution for your training needs. Whether you’re looking to host a team event, conduct a fitness class, or have a private training session, our doors are open.

  • Rental Rate $65/hour

    Subject to time availability