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Pole Rental Program

Step up to the challenge with our tailored pole rental options—designed for vaulters who demand quality, flexibility, and performance.

Simple Terms

Pole Rental Made Easy

We understand the importance of having the right equipment in pole vaulting. That’s why our Pole Rental Agreement is designed to provide you with the perfect pole for every season. At $150.00 per pole, our rental service spans across Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall, aligning with your training and competition schedule.

Most vaulters thrive with a series of three poles to match their evolving skill set, and we’re here to ensure you have exactly what you need. With our Pole Rental Program, we’re committed to adjusting your selection as you progress, making sure you’re always equipped to vault at your best.

Our Pricing

Pole Vault Rental

Explore our pricing details below and find the perfect pole rental plan to support your season’s ambitions.

Pole Vault Rental

$150 Per pole per season

  • Pole Vault Rental $150 per pole per season

The seasons are Winter (December-February), Spring (March-May), Summer (June-August) and Fall (September-November).

Payment is due at the time poles are taken.  Poles are due back immediately at the end of each rental period. A $20 per week late fee will apply at the beginning of each week the pole is overdue.

Pole will be inspected on return. Any deep scratches or damage to the pole will result in a damage fee ranging from $50 up to the cost of the pole if it is determined to be unsafe to use.  In the event of a broken pole, the charge could be up to the cost of replacement. It is recommended that most vaulters should have a minimum of 3 poles in their series.  We will do or best to make sure you have the proper series.  In most cases we will trade what poles you have rented for different ones to make sure you can maintain the best poles for your progression.